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Private Hand-Building Pottery Sessions

Private Hand-Building Pottery Sessions are a great way to get started with pottery! Hand-building allows you to experience clay and get to know the clay before moving on to other techniques like throwing on the wheel. Hand-built clay projects offer a wide range of different kinds of projects that can be created, projects like mugs, gnomes, pinch pots, and even bird feeders! These sessions are a favorite at the studio due to the always fun and creative projects that are meant for both adults and kids! Review the details below to see how we may be able to accommodate your next event!

Rates and Scheduling Information 

Workshops are for groups of 4-8 and are a one-time deal. You select a project, such as a hand-built mug, tumbler, coil-built planter or bowl, pinch pots, or slab-built wall pocket vase. Your group will be walked through each step to complete the project in approximately 2 hours, from construction to surface decoration with texture and color. We fire and glaze for you. All participants must make the same project (don’t worry, there’s plenty of room for creativity and individuality). 

Pots are usually ready to be picked up in about 3-8 weeks.
Pricing Starts at $75/person


Pricing for Private Hand-building Lessons: 

  • $75/hour for 1 adult

  • Add $55/hour for each additional person (adult or child)

  • 2 Hour Minimum

  • If you are only able to come for one session, we can finish your pots for you for $15 each.

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