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Wheel Try-It Events

Our studio hosts regular Pottery Wheel Try-It Events where you can come with or without friends to try out throwing pottery on the wheel. Pottery Try-It Events are great way to test the waters if you're interested in signing up for a longer course or just for a fun date night activity!

Hand-Building Projects

Hand-Building Projects are fun project-based event where you will try your hand at making various items like, hand-built mugs, gnomes, Christmas trees, or even a bird feeder! 

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6-Week Clay Workshops

Join our instructors for a 6-Week Course in Hand-Building or Wheel Throwing. Courses offered are beginner, Intermediate, and advanced levels and cover many different techniques and styles. 

Paint Nights

Paint Night Events are fun typically themed nights to occur with the seasons or current holidays and events! These painting sessions are designed so that you need not have any experience painting all you need is yourself and to be ready to have a great time painting! 

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