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Private Lessons & Workshops

All Levels, All Mediums

We offer various classes in different mediums that are available for all levels. Now is the perfect time to get started! Learn more about our classes below to find one that fits what you’re looking for.

Private Lessons

By Appointment Only

Private Lessons are designed to be taken in succession in order to learn the whole process of making pottery.
Up to 8 people can get personalized instruction from one of our instructors in a private lesson format. For a first-time throwing lesson, 2 hours is an ideal length of time. Please note that we have a 2 -hour minimum for all lessons. We recommend at least 3 lessons to learn the whole process of making pots on the wheel from throwing to trimming the leather hard pieces to glazing after they’ve been bisque fired.

$75/hour for 1 adult
Add $55/hour for each additional person (adult or child)
*2 Hour Minimum
If you are only able to come once, we can finish your pots for you for $15 each.

Cleaning Ceramic
Pottery Wheel

Group Workshops

By Appointment Only

Workshops are for groups of 4-8 and are a one-time deal. We offer options for either wheel throwing or hand-building.



You and your friends or family can come and learn to throw on the potters wheel for up to 2 hours. Each participant can choose to keep up to 2 pots to be finished by us*. Finishing involves us trimming them when they’ve dried a bit then firing, glazing, and firing again.

Starts at $85/Person

If you would like to keep more than 2 it is an additional $15/pot.



You select a project, such as hand-built mugs or a tumbler. Your group will be walked through each step to complete the project in approximately 2 hours, from construction to surface decoration with texture and color. We fire and glaze for you. All participants must make the same project (don’t worry, there’s plenty of room for creativity and individuality). Other projects: coil-built planter or bowl, pinch pots, slab-built wall pocket vase.
Pots are usually ready to be picked up in about 3-8 weeks.
Starts at $75/person
*for less than 4 people, a one-time workshop will be priced at the private lesson rates plus the cost to finish each pot you choose to keep

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