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Ceramic Collection

Punch Card Non-Member

Cost: $150 for 6-day Punch Card


Each punch is per each calendar day in the studio. Regardless of how many hours you spend at the studio, each visit will count as a punched day, so plan accordingly.

6-day Punch Cards expire 2 months from date of purchase. Punch Cards will be redeemed and Raven City staff will track based on visits that are monitored through our door code system and in person visits during open hours. Please check in with them if they are in the studio.

Punch cards include studio access, community studio tools, and limited shelving (max 1/3

of a shelf for works in progress). It does NOT include a dedicated shelf and you will not be permitted to leave your personal tools, clay or items on shelving for storage. If you need more then the allotted space see additional storage options below.


Punch Card Members will be charged for clay plus $3/lb. for, glaze and fire service. Example:

Oregon White is $35 for 25 lbs.  Punch card members will pay $35 + ($3 x 25) = $110.00 for a bag of clay.  This will include glaze and fire service (bisque and glaze firings).

Additional Storage options:

If you are currently not a student in a class or a monthly subscriber, clay, tools, and projects cannot be stored in the pottery studio. Limited shelves are available for rent. All shelf rentals will need to be paid for in advance. Shelf rentals are used at your own risk as sometimes things can get bumped or broken in the studio although we will do best to ensure the safety of your pieces. Ware Boards are never to leave the studio.

Shelf Rentals:

1/3 Shelf Rental $15/month includes 1 Ware-board (12” X 16”)

½ Shelf Rental= $25/month includes 1 Ware-board (22” X 16”)

1 Shelf Rental = $50/month includes Ware-boards for entire shelf (44” X 16”)

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